Video Tape Transfer to DVD:

We charge $14.99 for each video tape transferred to DVD (two hour maximum run time). We have established a two hour limit per DVD to provide the best visual quality. We provide estimates before all transfers begin.



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Video Tape Transfer Pricing

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Film and Video Transfer

Video Tape Transfer to MPEG-4 Digital Files:

We charge $14.99 for each video tape transferred to MP4 video files.

You may provide your own USB flash drive or you may purchase one from us.

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What if I want BOTH - DVD and MP4 Digital Files?

No problem!

If you're already having your video tapes converted to DVD and also want a high quality digital back-up, the additional charge for the MP4 file is just $5.00 per source tape. In other words, the cost is $19.99 per tape if you want DVD and MP4.